Hi, I am trying to reply to a direct message chat and it keeps telling me it's still trying to authenticate me even though I'm logged in.
20 to 23 pcs wc for sale 700 rush price is firm rfs quittinf the hobby
TorontoRichmond Hill
90gal Aquarium, Canopy, Wooden Stand, Eheim 2217 Filters, 20gal Aquarium
Wild Caught Male
Beautiful adult male for sale.
Cube tank 30x30x18 75 gal corner overflow with durso pipe, stand, light and brackets. Sump is also available 27x27x15 Light: Custom make from Rapid-led 60 x CREE XT-E Royal
TorontoRichmond Hill
Line bred line for 11 generations combining few different genetic sources and respectable importers in the past. [ pure unlike benga/maleri crosses ]
Selling my 75 Gallon , with gravel , heater , hood and stand . Tank is in very good condition, if interested please contact me at 416-984-3560.
same as Prime but more concentrated
Breeding  group of peopleparacyprichromis nigripinnis blue neon  2 male 5 female . All for $200 
After a long absence from the hobby and pn. i am looking looking at getting back in to the hobby.   before i go to big als i would like to see what set ups are available   let
Hi all, Looking for Sicee Syncra 1.5 pump ( pump must be in good condition ) and 2 or 3 liters of K1 media. Please pm for price and location. Refer pick up at WEST END area. Thanks, Le

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