TorontoRichmond Hill
Line bred line for 11 generations combining few different genetic sources and respectable importers in the past. [ pure unlike benga/maleri crosses. Real color unlike hormone fed European fish farm stock].
TorontoNorth York
6 ft. x 24 x footprints. 1st. tank leaks. Needs to be re-siliconed. The tank has extra glass placed on the bottom to allow heavy rocks to be in the tank. $350.00... 2nd. tank
Full Fish List That Is ready to go in this weekend: Please Message me for a price quote for any fish on my list, No Minimum Order Required! Serious inquires only please,
Lots of people contacted me about the list, this is what i have received few days ago. Start selling on Oct 26th morning!! Copadichromis melas Mara Point Aulonocara sp.

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