TorontoNorth York
looking for a strong stand 48” by 24”
North York
looking for a strong aquarium stand 48”by24”
Lawrence Ave West & Jane St.
Pictures are of my breeder males. Pickup in Mississauga (Dixie and QEW). No hormones or imports from overseas. All fish bred in Ontario. Minimum purchase $10. Electric Yellow
Please Message me for a price quote for any fish on my list, No Minimum Order Required! Serious inquires only please, appointment only.
TRUSTED SSD CHEMICAL SOLUTION FOR CLEANING BLACK NOTES+27640409447 Activation Powder to clean all type of black
North York
125 Gallon Fish Aquarium tank $130.00 Shop tank, doesn't leak. 6 feet x 18.5 x 22 high. $130.00 Just the tank.
Will clean your tank from left-over food, look a bit similar to Synodontis Multipuncatus but are a different kind of fish.
Selling some placidichromis jalo reef cichlids. 3" coloured males $30.00 each 1" f1 fry from my wild caught group $5.00 each Picture of breeder male note for sale. message
TorontoNorth York
 Best food on the market for your fish. Made in Canada with quality ingredients. 2.5 kilo bags for $70.00. Made in Canada using the highest quality ingredients. Fish love
Can anyone help identify was wrong with my fish I have had 5 pass looking as the attached in the last couple of days 
Full Fish List That Is ready to go in this weekend: Please Message me for a price quote for any fish on my list, No Minimum Order Required! Wild Tropheus sp. KatongaRatio:
Richmond Hill
True F1 juveniles at 1-2 “from good imported stock
Canister filters
Richmond Hill
I have a few styrofoam boxes of different sizes free to anyone willing to pick up. I am clearing all fishroom items and supplies. I will be posting them as I go through what
TorontoNorth York
Wanna buy adult breeding females
HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE.   We will be open today from 12 noon till 5pm.   LAST DAY FOR BOXING DAY SPECIALS

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