Richmond Hill
True F1 juveniles at 1-2 “from good imported stock
Boxing Day specials starts this weekend Nov 10-11 FRESHWATER FISH, SALTWATER FISH, and CORALS
Severums- heros Notatus-heros libifier- red spotted severum- green and a couple unknown strains Vieja bifaciatus- males and females/ Vieja melanarus/ Vieja Guttulatus/ Gold
L24, L200, L02, L169, L271, L144, L15
Will clean your tank from left-over food, look a bit similar to Synodontis Multipuncatus but are a different kind of fish.
used tanks and stands
75 Gal. Tanks / Stand / Filters/ Lighting / Heater / Sub / etc.
Miracles 90 gallon tank 48X18X24 with cabinet stand $180 Eheim 2217/Classic 600 Canister filter inc media $150 Eheim Pro 4 350 Canister Filter inc media $200 Cobalt MJ400
Picked up in bowmanville or delivery in Durham region available. $30 
St. Marys
8 month old Mpimbwe frontosa for pick up only. Make an offer.  I have 20 for sale. Minimum purchases of 5 fish as they prefer to be kept in groups. 
Really healthy, all imports from Germany.  Making room fir new fish.  $100 for all of them.  Pick up in bowmanville.  Or can deliver in Durham region.    Thanks    matt
pick up in Scarborough (Markham and finch)
Looking for
Canister filters
Hi all.Slowly cutting down the hobby and I have a complete set up for sale c/w some freebies.Tank dimension 23(H)x18(D)x72"(W) in good condition and painted blue background.
Standard 48 1/2 x 18 1/2 x 25 3/8 size, good condition, no leaks $90
I have two Reflow pumps they are somewhat seized but everything else is good the housing even the seals are brand new. They would be great for parts they are free so come and get them I am in Milton. 416-648-4433 thanks Dave
TorontoRichmond Hill
Four color morphs available brown large spots , yellow blue eyes l144, superreds and calicos and LONGFIN SUPERRED AT 2"
Watch "Kangen Fish Aquatics Civic Holiday Sale" on YouTube
Giveaway sale for a group of 8 Fire Fish。Males are abt 4 inches in size。Females are slightly smaller。4 coloured up males + 4 females。In excellent shape and health。ONLY

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