Vieja Hartwegi Babies ( Both Parents are wild Caught)
Imported a large wild caught male harwegi last year from Florida,, amazing colours( not your typical red freckled hartwegi) bright green and reds all over body, amazing fish. 
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AquaCM on Dec 13, 2015
Peter bought a bnib fluval fx6 canister filter from me a few days ago. He is a nice guy, friendly, punctual, kind, courteous and i would recommend him to others. Thanks Carlos
spicoli on Jul 23, 2014
Peter grabbed my parrot pair, Great guy and very knowledgeable when it comes to south and central american cichlids. Thanks peter
youfy on May 11, 2011
Peter is a great person, easy to deal with, hes always ready with hes cash money, defently knows how to pick out hes fish! totally recommend dealing with!
dl88dl on Feb 13, 2009
Pickup some fish and fishy items from Doug at a great price and even got a free fish from him. Very smooth and easy transaction. Highly recommended to all PNers. Thanks, Dave
Stephen on May 7, 2008
Great guy!!! Helped me out by taking a Texas cichlid off of me that was bulling my fish. I would recommend him to anybody!!! Stephen
bassking on May 1, 2008
Sold some cichlids to freshfish. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. Thanks!

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