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huisheng on Apr 28, 2015
Sold some plecos to Louis. Also he brought me some nice free super red peacocks. Always pleasure deal with him.
Thanusan on Apr 11, 2015
Picked up some moba cyps. Always a pleasure dealing with Luis A+ transation
Thanusan on Mar 17, 2015
Always a pleasure dealing with Luis, enjoy the 333s they will grow up to show plecos. Thank you so much for the trade also.
Thanusan on Feb 14, 2015
Luis picked up some 333 fry from, good guy to deal with, came close to me and picked up. smooth deal A++ Pn member.. will deal with him in the future..
Thank you so much for coming out to meet me on this terrible weather. The plecos are very nice and active. I'm very happy with them. Thank you for the extra 2 bonus plecos you gave me. You are a great fellow and Pn member. Anytime you need some help please let me know. Take care, bro!
Thanusan on Jun 18, 2014
picked up a 40g breeder from him. gave me a good deal. will deal with him in the futurs. Thanks shawn
Jayfish on Feb 19, 2014
Thanks for keeping your word and picking up on time.
My pleasure, bro!

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