Reduced!! Galaxy pleco l240
Nice looking specimen. Healthy and eating well. 6"pluspickup in Markham or free local drop off.$70 for more photos or detail.thanks for looking!peter
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johnnyking on Sep 6, 2014
finally got to meet peter great guy, good price for the datnoid love to see him again thnks bud
olvap377 on May 20, 2014
Got a great large superb quality healthy plump datnoid, coudn't be happier with transaction, Peter even met me halfway. A+ PN member, dont hesitate to deal with, wont be dissapointed.
Princely1 on Mar 16, 2012
Peter went out of his way to meet me and give me a large bucket of gravel. He is a great guy who deserves lots of praise and gratitude.
Mike69 on Mar 10, 2012
Just bought a setup off Peter, SUPER nice guy!! Cleaned everything perfectly and all was in great condition. Excellent guy to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks Peter!! sir, are super to deal with. Thank you so much for your help with everything. Take care my friend! p.s...I highly recommend Mike to anyone.
Hitch on Dec 5, 2011
Very friendly, great to work with. Thanks again
kkaamm on Dec 1, 2011
It is always a great pleasure to see Peter as he is such a good guy to deal with!!!

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