LF tropheus murago
looking for some tropheus murago   let me know what you have
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Revobuda on Oct 10, 2012
Very nice guy. Good luck with L046's! Hope to see you in a planted tank sometime. Cheers
finatics on Jun 26, 2012
Great guy here folks... very personable and easy to deal and he knows his stuff! See you again at the store! mb
pingpong on Dec 30, 2011
Nick went out of his way to drop off a store credit to me. Thank you again, Mike.
biji12 on Sep 23, 2011
One great guy to deal with. will do business again
huisheng on Jun 30, 2011
Nick is a great guy to deal with. highly recommond.
xmaximax on Jun 28, 2011
He bought a ehiem filter from me, great communication, arrived on time. Great asset to the hobby, highly recommended

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