F1 L333 pleco (Tank Raised)
Help my friend to post his L333 King Tiger Pleco (Yellow) Juvi, size around 1 inch, please see the WC parents and actual Juvi, very healthy, eat flakes and pellets.$35 each,
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Gibber on Mar 29, 2007
Bought some bismarck gibberosas from me. Very pleasant to deal with. Easy communication and transaction. Very knowledgeable about his fish, and it was a pleasure to see his beautiful collection. I would recommend dealing with this PN member in the future.
Jason19 on Mar 11, 2007
Met Carter at his home. Easy to deal with and the transaction went very smoothly. Would recommend him to all fellow PN'ers. Thanks!
Darius on Oct 5, 2006
Nice guy to deal with. Fast and easy transaction. Highly recommend. Would deal with anytime.
gblackma on Sep 4, 2006
A Jager 250 and some Sps. Nice chap, a pleasure to deal with and a credit to the community. Looking forward to dealing with Carter again.
Da Commish on Aug 27, 2006
A gentlemen and a great communicator, It will be a pleasure to do business with Dreamway again.Take good care of those moba,Carter!!!
UFKNRUN on Aug 25, 2006
Sold me some fronts. Nice guy and a quick transaction. Thx

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