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Jsheff commented Feb 25, 2019 | postId: 1,583,137

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DireWolf on Nov 22, 2016
Picked up some aragonite from Jeff, a great guy and hobbyist, we will miss you, enjoy Mexico and hope you come back at some point. Cheers Greg
HENRYB103 on Oct 7, 2016
Recently picked up some beautiful young adults ventralis orange cap at fair price. A smooth deal and healthy well kept fish. Thanks and all the luck with your move .
Thanks Henry it was a pleasure doing business with you
Gehandylan on Jan 23, 2016
Jeff picked some Utinta from me. Always enjoy having Jeff around - another classy Tanganyikan nutšŸ‘
Gehandylan on Dec 21, 2015
Jeff picked up some hard to find Cyps. a fine gentleman to deal with. Always enjoy the fish chats we have. The Cyps will add a lot of colour to your awesome Tanganyikan show tank for sure.šŸ‘
Jayfish on Nov 3, 2014
Picked up a peacock from Jeff, great guy to deal with A++++ member. thanks
kienoihn on Jun 10, 2014
met jeff today great guy to deal with we chatted for quit some time happy to show him some of my rare cyps. A+ member highly recommend.

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