Some Bozo posted Apr 11, 2006

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ScairE1 commented Jan 8, 2013 | postId: 1,509,237

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blossom112 on Jan 4, 2010
Thanks for the help and quick response!
casperinbc on Feb 14, 2009
Thanks SB for the tip and hope you have a great weekend away, you deserve it:)
g0at_b0y on Nov 10, 2007
SB helped me find some info on a new pet of mine. with out him i woulda probably killed them.. so thanks SB u saved 30 lives:P haha A++++++++ Best Mod ther is!
Glad to be of assistance. We mods do more than just enforce the rules you know;)
aeroangie on Nov 5, 2007
Great tipper and all around great person!
No problem I am only trying to do what I feel is right.
Lindami on Jul 18, 2007
Thanks for the tip! Hope you had a great holiday!
alybaly on Jul 8, 2007

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