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HENRYB103 commented Jul 15, 2017 | postId: 1,582,215

dreamway2007 commented Jul 16, 2017 in response to HENRYB103's comment | postId: 1,582,220

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Jayfish on Aug 6, 2015
Bought some fish from Carter . Nice guy and easy to deal with. Will definitely deal again........
Bossmanl on Feb 25, 2015
Nice tanks, thanks for the easy transaction.
jackyliu on Oct 15, 2014
Very nice person to deal with. Great Goldhead! A+++++
bobobo on Oct 9, 2014
Thanks for the Goldhead Comps. They were truly as big as advertised and in perfect condition. Very well priced too.
Thanusan on Apr 8, 2014
Carter picked up some fish from me, as always super nice guy to deal with. Thanks Shawn
kienoihn on Feb 9, 2014
carter pick up some melanogenys fry excellent communication very experience hobbyist come on time highly recommend to all PNer's A+++.

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