Roseline Barbs For Sale
  Sorry, won't let me upload a pic. This is a beautiful fish species, native to India. They do very well in a community tank, and will grow to a nice size. I recommend
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Fish Fin-atic on Dec 20, 2016
I bought a small group of Zebra Plecos from Steve. He is a really great guy to buy from! He was knowledgeable about the fish he was selling, and took the time to explain everything from the water parameters, to the foods he was feeding them, and even went as far as to warn me about L046's shy nature, and their tendency to stay hidden from sight most of the day.....he truly wanted to make sure that his prized fish were going to the right home, and to a hobbyist who could provide them with a proper environment, and give them the care they need. He even held the fish for me for a prolonged period, after I experienced a flood, and needed time to re-establish a cycled tank for the new fish. Truly a stand-up guy, and I wouldn't hesitate for a second to buy more fish from him! Thanks Steve, it was a pleasure seeing your fish room, and thanks again for all the great advice.
spicoli on Jun 10, 2013
And yet another trip to see steve and his amazing plants and livestock. Great quality and selection and as always a great chat. Thanks Steve lookin forward to having you by to check out the setups.
ncc0015 on Apr 6, 2013
Wow,,,, Amazing fish-room, amazing fish, amazing hobbyist, amazing conversation, amazing person... did i say amazing hobbyist and fish-room?? Folks, great guy and a fantastic transaction. If Steve has something your looking for. Don't hesitate to make the trek to Durham region... Luckily i live Here,,, Thanks Steve for the amazing boesemani rainbows. E for excellent. Cheers!!!
Jesurex on Feb 27, 2013
Steve has an awesome fish room! Thank you again for all the fishes
spicoli on Feb 21, 2013
Steve sold me an amazing group of f1 ngara peacocks for a steal. Always great to do business. Massive fish room and great quality fish and plants. Thanks again.
Nestea on Feb 18, 2013
Already made several transactions with Steve. Great person to deal with and very accomodating. Great fish collection as well! Platinums are doing great!

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