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W4X on Aug 19, 2016
I bought 5 Ruby Reds from Renata. They're all healthy and doing well. A pleasure buying from you.
Tim, thank you very for your very good feedback. I am happy to to hear the fish are doing well and you are happy with them. It was a pleasure to sell you this fish and to deal with you. You are really a very passionate fishkeeper and I wish you all the best.
DireWolf on Nov 19, 2014
I bought some stunning Ruby Reds from Renata for my show tank. A very nice lady and an excellent hobbyist. Thanks so much!! Cheers Greg
manny on Mar 30, 2014
bought from renata in the past, is the nicest lady i met in the hobby, cares about her fish, and well being she is so nice, a pleasure. stay in the toronto area, if you can. thanks
Thank you Manny for this great feedback. I think I didn't notice it before.
destro on Oct 27, 2013
Renata picked up some Malawis from me. She's easily top tier hobbyist who shares the same passion. Thanks for arriving on time and being humble. I hope you come and visit again soon! Enjoy the fish.
newforestrob on Oct 12, 2011
Met Renata this evening,purchased a Taiwan reef,she is,a true hobbiest,I could have spent much longer talking but I had to leave to get other fish home,very accomadating,A+
ncc0015 on Aug 3, 2011
Purchased some very nice young Taiwan reefs from Renata, Renata and her husband are great people. Fish are Very healthy and she has the most stunning large male taiwan i have seen so far. She is what you call a true hobbyiest which is nice to see.. A++ and thank-you once again.

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