POLL: How often do you do a water change?
I'm a little lazy in the water change department. Probably do 20% once a month. I get a decent amount of algae though. How about you? How often do you do a water change?  
urban3 posted Sep 1, 2015


manny commented Sep 12, 2015 | postId: 1,565,386

grankag commented Sep 18, 2015 | postId: 1,565,849

urban3 commented Sep 19, 2015 in response to grankag's comment | postId: 1,565,865

grankag commented Sep 19, 2015 | postId: 1,565,866

manny commented Sep 19, 2015 | postId: 1,565,867

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wicked on Feb 18, 2013
thx for all your help
No problem sir!
FirstClassCichlids on Dec 20, 2012
Thank you for listening to what's important to PN members and making this site more and more fun to be a part of. Can't thank you enough for getting the auctions up and running. Best Mod ever! Ozzie
23edge on Feb 4, 2010
wow such a nice person!
Summer365 on Jan 19, 2010
Thank you for the speedy reply, and for the generous tip. :)
cheesemon on Dec 9, 2009
Thank you so much, urban, for helping me get closer to my gift card goals! :)
NoFixedAddress on Nov 15, 2009
"when I find myself in times of Trouble...Mother Urban3 comes to meeeeeeeee, fixing PN spammers.........we don't let it be e eeeeee eeeeeee"....Thanks for taking care of the bad stuff so QUICKLY!... MUAH~!...:):)

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