Mikula Frontosa Breeding group
Sold as a group only
bobobo posted May 6, 2019
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HENRYB103 on Nov 20, 2017
Owen bought a group of rare young featherfins . Smooth transaction and a pleasure to meet another knowledgeable and dedicated Tang. fishkeeper. Highly recommended.
dodgeram on Nov 22, 2015
I purchased a group of zebra comps today. Owen is a pleasure to deal with. Quality fish in pristine tanks. Would definetly recommend to fellow Pners. Hope to deal with again in the future.
Gehandylan on Nov 20, 2015
It was an absolute honour having Owen in my fish room today. After an engaging Tang discussion and a tour of my fish room, Owen left with all the F1 Micro Kigoma fry I had. Great communication.and a always pleasure to meet with up Owen.. Very fair and considerate in his dealings. I'd recommend Owen to other fish enthusiasts without any hesitation. A++++ PNer 👍
Gehandylan on Sep 12, 2015
Purchased many Tangs from Owen today (not the first time). Owen Keeps some of the best Tangs I have seen. Fair prices and very generous fish Keeper. To top it all Owen is a thorough gentleman and is in the hobby for the right reasons. Thanks for the advice on feeding Cyps and the chit chat. A+++ PNer. 👍
olvap377 on Apr 30, 2014
Great dealing with Owen as always. Man of his word. A+ would deal again
BozVas on Apr 30, 2014
Second time dealing with Owen. Great and very knowledgeable person. Just bought beautiful, healthy fish. Highly recommend!!!

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