Looking for a breeding group of Maingano
Hey all I am looking for a group of Maingano to start breeding. Looking for 3-4 males and 20-25 females. Thx Mark
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ncc0015 on Apr 16, 2012
Greatttttt guy folks,,, Wow, this man loves his fish. Mark is a very trusting hobbyiest, Very honest and even went a step further to wire me money to hold fish groups for him without even knowing me. A+++++ to his integrity and respect for the hobby, and Very Very easy to deal with, i.e no hassles
Sheldon is a very awesome guy to deal with.... Knows his fish and is honest on the post to due with size and beauty.... Have set forth to make his place a regular stop on my road trips in the future... Mark
kousman on Jun 14, 2010
Great guy picked up 125 OB peacocks from me
Great breeder and nice guy to deal with... Will be back for more
gulexx on Jul 17, 2005
Missed our first "meeting" but was great about it and I could drop the fish off at his mutual friend that I was visiting.
Would definatly deal with him again.
Mike874 on Jul 17, 2005
Showed up on time and was easy to deal with. Bought a whole whack of angels from me then came back and bought a breeding pair from me. Very knowledgable and obviously addicted to fish keeping :).
ghost0011ca on Jul 5, 2005
bought tanks and fish from him i would recommend dealing with him as i will again everything went smooth
john smith on Jun 25, 2005
Loves fish. geat guy. No hassle. Had many dealings with Mark and always quick and smooth. Do not hesitate to deal with.

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