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Rare wild caught dragon blood peacock
Ralfieboy posted Jun 1, 2016


Meatmanager commented Jul 2, 2016 | postId: 1,574,919

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DireWolf on Dec 3, 2016
Sold Ralf some metronidazole and some fish. Easy transaction and nice to see you, always a pleasure. Cheers Greg
DireWolf on May 23, 2016
Finally made it over to Ralf's place. Great Show Tank in the Living Room and a nice set of tanks in the basement. Got some nice haps for a great price. Always a pleasure seeing Ralf, great hobbyist!! Cheers Greg
DireWolf on Apr 12, 2016
Another pop over to my place for some fish. Super guy, his feedbacks from me say it all. Cheers Greg
DireWolf on Jan 25, 2016
Another fine transaction with Ralf. He is a great guy and really knows his fish and has a passion for the hobby. Enjoy the new fish and always look forward to seeing and chatting with you! Cheers Greg.
DireWolf on Jan 19, 2015
Ralph popped in to buy some Peacock and Haps. He has also been very helpful in the many email exchanges we have had in the past. Super guy, one of the best in the hobby!! Cheers Greg
phils416phish on Apr 1, 2014
Great guy to deal with. Excellent setup. very clean! Thanks for the great fish Ralph. Will talk soon buddy.

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