Group of 6 Geophagus Tapajos Red Head
Slowly switching my 135g to plants and these guys like to dig a bit too much.For sale is a group of 6 Geophagus Tapajos Red Head cichlids, approx 3 - 4" (maybe bigger). Purchased
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DireWolf on Oct 4, 2015
Andy picked up some cichlids, always a pleasure dealing with him. A solid PN'er! Cheers Greg
mrlobo on Apr 7, 2014
thanks for a quick and easy deal...
DireWolf on Mar 16, 2014
Andy got some malawi cichlids from me for his show tank. Nice guy and came on time. Enjoy the fish! Cheers Greg.
peterpd99 on Jan 3, 2011
Andy is definitely a great guy to deal with!! great communications and his pricings are honest and fair. No hesitation dealing with him again...Thanks again for those nice looking fish!...Peter
marowana on Dec 30, 2010
Nice guy, healthy fish. Now i want to buy UPS from him to back up my fish tanks!!!

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