ALL SOLD! - F1 L134 Leopard Frog Juvies
I have some nice 2+ inch L134 F1 juvies for sale. Lovely markings. WC parents on site.  $30 each.Please PM or text me on 6478363690 if interested Thanks 
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Jayfish on Jan 24, 2017
Sold zebra pleco L46 to Gehan . Very nice guy to deal with. Would def work again in the future. Thanks..
Wildtang on Jul 17, 2016
Sold some Ilangi to Gehan on Saturday. He drove a long way to come and pick them up. Always a pleasure dealing with Gehan and he is highly recommended. I know he has an outstanding fish collection so if he has fish for sale you can be assured they are of the highest quality. Andy
JohnN3752 on May 8, 2016
Purchased some juvie orange cap ventrails today. I am always blown away every time i visit Gehan's fishroom. Today was no exception...tanks of beautiful tropheus. So many variants...he sure has an eye for quality fish. Tanks are always pristine and fish very healthy. Would hoghly recommend to any topheus seeker or lover.
Thanks John for the kind words.👍
omzz on Apr 18, 2016
It is always a pleasure doing business with Gehan. Picked up 3 wc cyprichromis breeding groups today.. plus I received a little surprise 😉👌 .. very happy with my purchase👍. . He is very knowledgeable and down to earth .. also his collection of select premium tangs is unmatched.. thanks again my friend for the fish and hospitality
The pleasure was all mine Omar. Enjoy the Cyps.
Potatoking87 on Apr 13, 2016
Got a group of tropheus off Gehan, awesome quality. Very knowledgable with some of the nicest tropheus I have ever seen. Can't wait to get my next group off him.
Thanks for the kind words Justin.. See you soon.
Meatmanager on Apr 8, 2016
I have dealt with Gehan on a few ocassions now. He knows his tangs and is always knowledgeable. Great guy to deal with. Will continue to go back to him. Highly recommended for anyone interested in quality fish!
Thanks Paul. See u tonight for the Murago 👍

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