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Selling all my freshwater fish and equipment. I'm going to give saltwater a try. Fish need to go first then equipment. lots of items. fish are all in great health and sizing
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porsche commented Mar 27, 2017 | postId: 1,580,641

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jyackson on Apr 5, 2017
Nick is a very nice guy. Had a great talk Highly recommend doing business with him Thanks again Nick
Thanusan on Mar 22, 2017
Picked up few thing from Nick. You have go see his tank super clean water , amazing geo -pleco collection .A++++ guy
Thanusan on Dec 30, 2015
Another great transaction. Nice is a very nice pna member. sold him a stand, came on time and picked up. A+++
GINNY on Aug 22, 2015
Sold Nick some parts. Nice guy to deal with. Easy going and fun to talk to..............Can wait to see the big build Nick.
Thanusan on Jul 21, 2015
Nick Picked up some caves from me. Man of his word, came on time and picked up . will deal with him in the future for sure. A+++ guy to deal with

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