Looks to be 1m2f asking $60 for the trio 6-8"
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HENRYB103 on Dec 16, 2016
Sold a Malawi OB iceberg male . Came on time and was a pleasure to talk to.
Leung5658 on Dec 13, 2016
Thank You for the fish Chester. Definitely deal with you again.
shahidzee14 on Mar 11, 2016
finally went to Chester to pick up some great looking calvus groups the fish looks amazing Chester this the man only keep the best quality fish A++++ pn member I would definitely do business with Chester again
Jayfish on Mar 27, 2015
bought a of Aulonocara Maylandi - Sulfur Head Peacock from me. Great guy to deal with. On time. Highly recommend doing business with him.....A+++++.
Awesome collection of fish and very accommodating with meeting time. Great guy to deal with
Jayfish on Feb 1, 2015
Picked up some fish. great guy to deal with A++
01nate on Dec 28, 2013
did a bulu moba trade with Chester, a top pn'er for sure. What else can I say 168 positive feedbacks and going strong. I really enjoyed the enthousiasim for the Hobby that Chester has. I look forward to dealing with you again!

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