FS: Dual Stack 75 Gal. Tanks / Stand / Filters/ Lighting / Heater / Sub / etc.
75 Gal. Tanks / Stand / Filters/ Lighting / Heater / Sub / etc.
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srleafs on Jul 23, 2009
We traded some Eureka for labs. Nice guy and very knowledgeable. Thanks Jeff.
pun222 on Jul 16, 2009
He bought some Hap Moorii from me. Very smooth transaction and great guy. Showed up on time with money in hand. Will deal with him again. Enjoy the Dolphins.
Sarah1 on Jul 14, 2009
Jeff bought some Labs from me and re-homed my loaches, thank you very much for taking them btw. Great guy to deal with, very smooth transaction and right on time Thanks again, till next time :-)
Sarah1 on Apr 26, 2008
He Picked up an Albino Pleco, was on time and very smooth Transaction. Thanks, hope the Pleco does a good cleaning Job :)
cichlidfish0 on Apr 13, 2008
buy Eureka Trio, very nice fish, great guy
1oscar on Dec 11, 2007
very cool pn member, great transaction, very understanding. highly recomended

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