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MdokaReef commented Oct 17, 2017 | postId: 1,582,767

HENRYB103 commented Oct 18, 2017 | postId: 1,582,776

Paul B commented Nov 12, 2017 | postId: 1,582,835

HENRYB103 commented Nov 12, 2017 in response to Paul B's comment | postId: 1,582,837

bobobo commented Nov 18, 2017 | postId: 1,582,849

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bobobo on Nov 19, 2017
Just met Henry for the first time. Bought some Cyathopharinx foai karilani copper from him. Super nice guy, and very knowledgeable. Thanks Henry.
Enjoy these . I have never seen proper strain being offered . Thanks for supporting my aquaria
mikeg on Jul 8, 2017
Henry was a pleasure to deal with and gave me a great deal on the dry live rocks. They look amazing in my tank.
Thanusan on May 7, 2017
As always great buyer. Very good friend of mine. Always keep his word. One of my fav pna member. Thanks. .
Great fish and fair price as usual Amazing pleco set up
zerodahero on Apr 21, 2017
Picked up some Cichlids from him on 2 occasions recently and both times they were absolutely stunners. A very nice and knowledgeable guy to deal with. I will definitely do business with him again. !!
Thanks for feedback and enjoy these crazy colors on these males.
thaile601 on Mar 9, 2017
Awesome buyer to deal with and a true hobbyists. Please do not hesitate to deal with Henry.
Thank you for great fish at great price. Thanks for info and advice.
DireWolf on Dec 3, 2016
Sold Henry some metronidazole. Easy transaction as always. Cheers Greg

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