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jaykayell posted Oct 24, 2009

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Mish26 on Oct 28, 2010
Jaykeyell is exceptionally, kind, helpful and went out of her way to welcome me to PN. Being a new member, I was overwelmed with it all. She sent me endless messages to guide me. I am ever so grateful to her...... She is a great asset to PN. A really really lovely person and I am very appreciative!! Kudos to you jaykayell! You should know that your guidance has made a very positive and cruitial impact me! Thank you.... a "Friend" Mish :)
SnowFlakey on Oct 4, 2010
jaykayell thanks for reporting all those spam messages from people promoting their own businesses. Those arent deals! Hopefully more people will join in reporting all spam messages. PN is being inundated with them.
Your welcome snowflakey. I notice that PNers are starting to speak up and voice their disapproval on several threads that are spam, scams, and merely advertising. PNers are no longer just sitting on the sidelines accepting this kind of posted junk without having their say. This is a good thing since it helps us help each other :)
aeroangie on Sep 29, 2010
very helpful person :)
Thank you aeroangie for the compliment and the positive feedback too!
o_canada_a on Sep 29, 2010
Thanks for posting the dog food freebies. We love it! WOOF!!
Your welcome o_canada_a......thanks for the positive feedback.
Skoorbr on Sep 21, 2010
thanx for the tip. Got a $100 gift card on the weekend, bought myself a new microwave and a huge skillet for free!. Gotta love that deal! Hope you got to cash in too!. Thanx again for the generous tip! Gotta love the deals you find on this site!
Your welcome. No, I didn't get in on that Canadian Tire deal....I don't live in Toronto; but I am thrilled that you did. Yes tis true...lots of great deals posted on PN :)
mctsavvy on Jul 23, 2010
TYVM for the tips, good luck contesting!
Your welcome mctsavvy; and ty u2.

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