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looking for help on plumbing
fisherina posted Oct 23, 2016


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coldmantis on Jan 31, 2012
on time prompt, thank you
rickyboys on Apr 9, 2010
Julian kindly dropped the Marina Fluorescent Light Fixture - with extra bulbs at my place - stuff is as good as new - once again smooth transaction - (sorry for the late feedback)
Jkhuu on Mar 20, 2010
Picked up some air pumps from Julian. Quick and easy. Highly recommended !!!
sicklids on Dec 31, 2008
Julian gave me a free very healths salosi. from the look of things he keeps his tanks clean and cares about his fishes. i wouln't hesitate to do business in the future.
bradley on Dec 28, 2006
Sabrina bought a tank off me. Good luck, great people, and would not hesitate to do business again. Thanks, Brad EA
ishtori on Dec 8, 2006
Great looking and healthy fry. May need to get more :-) Hopefully I got a good M to F ratio with 6 fry (too young to determine gender of fry).

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