Anyone looking for some OB peacocks?
Looking to get rid of my OB peacocks, they are not nice to my calmer cichlids. Have some nice males and females, will sell cheap of trade for labs or demasoni. Please contact me for pics.
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Gehandylan on Dec 29, 2015
Chad picked up two young adult F1 Leptosoma Kigoma males. It's always a pleasure meeting up with you. As always, a super easy transaction. Good luck breeding your Cyps 👍
dodgeram on Oct 31, 2015
Easy transaction...stand up guy. Discounted the deal due to unforseen circumstances. Would do another transaction.
Gehandylan on Oct 25, 2015
Chad picked up two groups of young Cyps. Great person. Loves his Tangs. Easy communication and was on time. Came to buy Black Kiriza fry and ended up leaving with Micro Kigoma and Mboko fry. Glad that the fish went to a very good home. Chad is welcome anytime in my home. Highly recommended A++++ buyer. Thanks for the fish chat. See you soon 👍
BozVas on Jan 20, 2015
Great person,, great buyer! Very nice and intelligent man. Was a pleasure to deal with Chad. Hope you enjoy my fish and hope to see you again. Good luck!
That was a great time "fishing" for the brichardi! Thanks for the kind words.
jackyliu on Oct 5, 2014
Very smooth transaction. Good communication with Chad.A+++++
Thanks a ton!
ncc0015 on Jun 20, 2014
Chad, Definitely a Stand-up guy, On time, great convo. Everything was simple and smooth. I'd welcome him into your fish-room anytime...Hope those kigoma cypts grow out nicely. psssst,,, chad really likes Tanganyikans :-)
Just realized i never responded. Thanks, hope life is treating you well!

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