90 gallon /w stand, Eheim canisters, Powerheads part out
Miracles 90 gallon tank 48X18X24 with cabinet stand $180 Eheim 2217/Classic 600 Canister filter inc media $150 Eheim Pro 4 350 Canister Filter inc media $200 Cobalt MJ400
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dl88dl on Jun 15, 2007
Edmond sold me some very nice cichlids and he is a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended to all PN members. Thanks, Dave
secret-_-angel on Aug 10, 2006
He gave me free gravel and snails. Thanks ed!!!!!
Dapipes on Jul 7, 2006
Purchased a 10gal with all the trimming. Great comunication.Thanks! for the smooth Transaction. Highly recommended 100%
Gerobi on Jul 5, 2006
Another smooth transaction, thanks!
Princely1 on Jun 3, 2006
3 Bolivian Rams and some driftwood. Very nice seller. Considerate and careful with his fish and plants.
Gerobi on Apr 26, 2006
supplied my community tank with another (but prettier) guppy! he's getting along with the others, including tetras & danios. thanks!

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